“Nami has been my business coach for just over one year now. I decided to work with him as he was personable and immediately started to guide me in right direction after our initial meeting. I found the business coaching process very interesting as it is holistic to include your feelings and excitement about a project rather than just focussing on what you think you should do to make money.

Nami has been very supportive and patient with my many “brilliant” ideas I put in front of him and continues to be. He guided me and kept me focussed on my goals. The key benefits have been an increase in profits of 600% in the first 12 months (yes my profits increased  by 600% in just one year!) and a clear idea of where I and the business are heading. I work less and earn much more than before, feel more clear and focused, get so much more done and the results speak for themselves.

I would highly recommend Nami as your business coach and Mentor. I wish I had met him years ago as I would be a millionaire by now!”

Lisa Guerra-Watson
Creative Director at Capanes Luxury Living

”Anne and Jorgen are our names, a Danish designer couple, who has been keen to start up an business on the internet.
At first, as the designers we were, we made our own first web shop and published it on the internet, but since there was so many things to consider, that we didn’t know about, such as SEO, social links and other things to promote our business, so it didn’t work out.
Then we got a bright idea for a new product and we decided to start up the right way with this. Luckily we stumbled upon the meet-up group, Malaga Business Minds, on the internet and went to a meeting in Malaga to get some ideas, how to make a business web-shop work.
There he was, Nami, the founder of Malaga Business Minds and the answer to our wishes. He even offered us a free meeting. In that meeting it became clear to us, with the things we went through with Nami, that he could be a tremendous help to us in the search to make our idea into becoming a real business.
From every meeting we have had with Nami we have benefited so much, making strategies from account work over text material for the web-shop to social networking.
Nami is a fantastic dedicated person to work with: Always listening and through his tremendous experience he guides you to solve the issues you have and he is always keeping his promise to come back to you next time, if he had said to check something out for you.
The key benefits for us, just starting up a small business, was through the sessions we got more and more experienced in the topics you have to deal with as a small business and thereby getting more confident and believe in what we were doing.
After having had twelve sessions with Nami, we are now prepared to open our new web-shop with confidence and having the tools for managing all sides of a web-shop business without having to struggle so much and be able to avoid many problems along the way.
We will warmly recommend every small business owners on every level to have sessions with Nami. You will get so much out of it, if you, yourself put some time and effort into, what you have learned from this skilled coach.

Anne and Jorgen
Fashion designers / Founders of Be Unique Belt, Málaga, Spain

”Nami Haghighi has been my Business Coach and I turned to him after I heard he was one of the best in his field and started a course of about 6 months, and in each session I became more interested in his methods.
Thanks to his support the idea for my business was born even though I was not very clear about what I wanted. Through his methods and support and motivation he helped me to discover what I really wanted to do and “Malaga Natural Guided” was born. It was great to create something from scratch, and to see the evolution of the idea was a great motivator.
I am continuing with Nami and with monthly sessions to improve and grow my project, for each problem he has a solution, he has been a good mentor, professional, extensive experience and methodology that I recommend 100%, for anyone wanting to create a project and need to focus their idea.
I do recommend his coaching as a better and a more efficient way to work and be guided by a professional such as Nami for best results today. I appreciate his support and cooperation in my current project.”

Juan Francisco Jiménez
Founder of Málaga Natural Guiada, Málaga Spain

”I was confused at the beginning of this year, I wanted to do something but didn’t know where to start and how to get there. I was jumping from one idea to another and none of them seem to be working.
I had a vision to build a business that I enjoy doing as well as create something valuable. To start with, I had a lot of challenges around my mindset like: Is it going to work? Am I doing the right thing? What if it’s not going to work?
Since I start working with Nami, I have built a strong mind-set, my direction is much clearer and I am a lot more focused. Many of my ideas have started to fall into place and from just many ideas we have built real strategies, and most importantly I am moving forward to make my vision come true. He has shown great knowledge in business, strategy and is very supportive helping in every way with my business. I am looking forward to working with him long term.
It used to be a dream to build a business but now I am doing it and I feel I can achieve my goals. I am now organising my own events which has been my goal for a long time. I run my own group and my member’s are growing all the time and have organized several successful events in the last few months.
I definitely got great value working with Nami, finding him extremely supportive, always there when I need suggestions or directions. He is always able to see the bigger picture and suggest the best way to approach the next move. This is reflected in the results that I am now getting for my business.
I would highly recommend Nami to anyone who would like to build a business or are stuck or challenged by their business and like to move forwards.”

Eve Li
Owner at East Meets West Club ★ 中西精英/企业家俱乐部, London, UK.

”The specific challenges that I wanted to address were around how I viewed my financial situation and also building my confidence in respect of my writing.
It’s a cliché but true, the coaching process is powerful because it is simple, it strips things back to an empirical level. As I worked with Nami in identifying my values I was intrigued, then excited, and that has stayed with me. I can’t wait to get to work on whatever we have identified during the session.
Nami is clearly interested, he has great listening skills, he’s patient, compassionate, encouraging and supportive. He has great imagination and a way of reflecting the best of you right back so you can see your own possibility. Powerful stuff!
I reached my target of saving / making an extra month’s salary this year in just over three months. For me this was the proof, it took almost no effort, was entirely painless and was so immediate, including getting grants within a week of applying. It’s like there’s this abundance, just a big pile of goodness that I can grab handfuls of, and everyone wins. I have also created and published a blog via which I share my stories and writings. But even better than either of these, and which underpins them both, is finally enrolling to do a degree aged almost 50… Getting an A for my first assignments gave me further proof that I can do whatever I have a will to do. That alone stands as testament to the power of effective coaching.
The improvements in other areas of my life are significant, and all stem from having greater confidence in myself. I discuss things more freely, share my opinions, talk to strangers, try new things, get things done, ask for help/ support/ extensions of time. I speak up. I no longer settle.
I’m inspired to get started on the next stage as soon as the session ends and for me, the act of writing a thing calls forth its manifestation; it galvanises me to get started, to be proactive. I have been given a key and I know that only good things lie behind the doors it fits.
I am quite transformed. I am definitely happier, I get centred more easily, I’m able to identify niggles of resistance and acknowledge them which in turn helps me to overcome them. I understand myself much better, especially in terms of what happens when and why I procrastinate. I am able to give myself permission to do (or not do) something and accept my justification or reasoning. I trust myself better. I have faith in myself: that’s the greatest gain of all. I feel empowered, capable, resourceful and worth knowing.
If there was ever a choice between buying another pair of shoes or a coaching session with Nami, I would invest in the coaching session, because the effects are much more long-lasting, much more satisfying! What a tagline that could be – Nami: even better than more shoes!!”

Michelle Moore
Personal Assistant at Historic Scotland, Scotland, UK.

”Nami is an Inspirational person. At first I doubted his seminars and now I am a lover of the same. Nami is a truly positive and spiritual person who can help you answer your own questions. I have now had Coffee and several very interesting sessions with Nami and hope to continue for sometime. I thoroughly recommend Nami to all small business owners who want to climb to the next step of their business life.”

Ali Parandeh Zandpour
Founder & CEO of Urbytus, Malaga, Spain.

”I can’t recommend Nami highly enough to help you with your business. I had been planning my business for years, but was tied up with other commitments, and in reality putting up small barriers. My commitments decreased, and the “barriers” were still there. Nami and I had various meetings and talks, and his encouragement was calm, thoughtful, insightful and guiding without being bossy or patronising. I would recommend Nami completely, you’d be lucky to have him on your side.”

Julie Chard
La Maison Blanche Hotel, Limoux, France.

”When I met Nami, immediately decided to work with him because of his genuine interest in people and his desire to help others, apart from his knowledge and wide experience in business. I found the process very useful as it forced me to think in ways that I wouldn’t do on my own. Nami helped to enhance my business skills and provided feedback to me about my strengths and weaknesses. He ensured my growth through challenges, requests, and homework. I am still learning and Nami are helping me to set goals. I want to thank Nami for his help. It is so nice to know that he is always available to help and to offer his experience and guidance. I highly recommend him.”

Lourdes Ponce
Malaga, Spain.

“Nami provided incisive analysis of my business and where growth could take place and systems smartened up. He always spots the details that I miss helping me provide a great connection between big-picture strategy and real-life application. The work I’ve done with Nami has helped me step out of the melee of activity and ensure I hold the big picture whilst creating systems that work for my business.”

Nick Bolton
Founder & CEO Smart School of Coaching, London.

“Business coaching with Nami was a very enlightening experience. He brought to the foreground facets of business I’d always found intimidating. One of these was spreadsheets and profit. Even the words sent chills down my spine – I didn’t want to apply them to my business. I do what I love doing – I run a boutique catering business – and making money hasn’t been high on my list of priorities. Being creative, I fell into the trap of not considering myself to be a “numbers person”, and so avoided looking at them. With some subtle yet powerful coaching Nami supported me in transforming my feelings on this, and to my surprise I now find I actually look forward to crunching those numbers! Not only that, but over the course of a couple of months, he helped me triple my profits in my events.
I highly recommend Nami – he intuitively recognises what improvements can be made, never judges you by your views or mistakes, and sheds light on where to go in the future. Do yourself a huge favour and book a session!”

Lou Beegan
Bite Entertainment, London, England.

“Nami is a great listener so really gets to understand the crux of how a business needs to progress. He is of the highest integrity & creative in finding solutions. Despite being of a very personable character, he does not shy away from challenging your perceptions/motivations/priorities etc to ensure the best results follow!”

Wayne Howard
Founder of U Dare Adventures, Australia and UK.

“Before working with Nami I was running around like a headless chicken, involved in multiple business projects but not really knowing where to direct my time and energy best. The coaching process helped me to clarify my priorities and look more objectively at what I wanted to achieve in both the short and long term. The result – I am much clearer in my decision making process and more articulate in business conversations because I know what I want to achieve! Consequently I feel much more secure and certain that I will reach my long-term goal doing the work I love. As a coach Nami is pragmatic, reassuring and compassionate and I whole-heatedly recommend him.”

Claire Beegan
Co-Creator at Heaven on Earth, London, England.

“Nami has helped me immensely in better honing in on the niche that I want to target in my online media & marketing consultancy. I set up my business 4 months ago and prior to meeting with Nami, I was somewhat overwhelmed by the enormous potential client base that I have in front of me with very differing needs and budgets. My services and expertise could just as easily benefit a small local business as well as a large multinational organization. Nami helped me identify the type of client that I would ideally like to work with. I now have a much clearer concept of who my ideal customer is, and as a result, I can now focus on targeting that customer better and have this reflect on my website and in my networking outreach.”

Kathleen Holmlund
Geneva, Switzerland.

“Several years ago we set ourselves a long-term goal and did everything within our power to achieve that goal. As with so many things in life, however, only so much can be achieved alone before the intervention of a third party is required. Fortunately for us, that third party was Nami Haghighi who was, at that time, in the middle of creating his own dream. Our plans collided and without Nami’s help and invaluable advice, our goal would not have been achieved. His support did not stop there, however, but lasted for several years afterwards, always doing everything within his power to solve any problems we encountered – however small. Our experience was greatly enriched through our relationship with Nami and we consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have met him.”

K Pennick
Newcastle, England.

“I was at a critical time when I took coaching sessions with Nami. I had the Opportunity to go to the Far East to follow a life long dream but was wrapped up with a business in the UK and could not see how I could leave it behind.
My coaching sessions helped me find my bearings and move forward.
You cannot measure the value of coaching from a good coach like Nami. Everyone should have one. Nami has the skill to ask those questions which get to the heart of things and let you see a whole new perspective. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Kim Terry-Short

“I was introduced to Nami a few years ago and without him I would not have been able to complete my project. I found him to be reliable, honest and totally genuine. His attention to detail is insurmountable and he went beyond the call of duty. Although I was not based in Spain correspondence was always up to date, which helped my confidence immensely. Several years later I know I can call on him to advise me if I need help.”

Salvatore Mirto
Bournemouth, England.

“Thanks Nami for the Coaching/mentoring the other week. I really appreciated your friendly an informal approach and I have achieved much since we last met. I am currently looking into the options for moving to another location in the UK. Feel good.”

Zoe England
Surrey, England.

“A “desire” which I had for many years was discussed with Nami. This resulted in us setting up a step by step programme which I have been following. Now I find that the conversations with the contacts attracted are more focussed and useful.
Nami is a great listener with good understanding. I look forward to keeping in touch with him and have no hesitation in recommending him as a coach.”

H Jamshidi
Belfast, Northern Ireland

“The last session with you helped build up my confidence. Also the exercises you gave me to do helped me feel better prepared. Greatly appreciate your time.
Thanks again Nami.”

Sheffield, England


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