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Being in business for yourself can sometimes leave you feeling like you are by yourself.

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  • Struggling to turn a great idea into profitable reality?
  • Juggling time between finding clients and doing the work?
  • Burdened by money worries due to unpredictable cash flow and rising expenses?
  • Frustrated at losing out to competitors who provide inferior service?
  • Exhausted by stress, overwhelm and uncertainty?
  • Worried about recruiting and motivating staff and choosing business partners?

What if there was someone who could help you overcome these obstacles?
Someone who:

  • Believes in your vision,
  • Understands what you want to achieve,
  • Drives you towards identifying what motivates you,
  • Dedicates themselves to ensuring you achieve the results you want, and who offers,
  • Years of experience as a successful business owner, coach, mentor and consultant.

That’s Where Your Business Buddy comes in:

I’m dedicated to helping more people like you achieve greater success and a happier life following a proven process.

Some people call this Business Coaching or Mentoring; others call it Life Coaching – the truth is it can be one or all of these either depending on your specific needs at the time.

Sometimes it’s even Consultancy if you need advice and support on a specific issue.

The truth is the label doesn’t matter, what matters is the process and the degree of support you get.

My Proven Success Formula

In more than 30 years helping people become more successful in their businesses and lead happier lives, I’ve found there are seven essential steps:

  1. Objectives: We start by being very clear about what you want.
  2. Snapshot: We build a clear picture of where you are now and what obstacles stand in the way of your desired outcome.
  3. Strategy: We create clear and actionable strategies for achieving your desired outcome, identifying specific steps you can take right away.
  4. Milestones: Clear milestones on the way to the desired outcome help track progress and celebrate each success.
  5. Accountability: I will hold you accountable to taking the action needed every step of the way to achieving the outcome you want.
  6. Support: Where other coaches and consultants work around scheduled meetings and reports, I am committed to being like a full business partner with my clients. In addition to planned contact, you can call, email or meet me whenever you need my help to move forward.
  7. Results: The proof of our success together is achieving your desired outcomes faster and more easily.

It’s All About You

The process of working together is not about telling you what to do; it’s about drawing on your own inner strength and skills to achieve the results you know you are capable of.

“When you start making a habit of achieving what you want,
you’ll keep moving on to new levels of success.”

Here’s what others have said on LinkedIn about working with me:

Next Steps

Please contact me today to discuss how Your Business Buddy can help you achieve greater success and a happier life.

Or we can meet for coffee so that I can learn about your business and talk about how I can help you best.

You’ll still be in business for yourself but no longer by yourself.

Talk soon!


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