Coffee with Nami

When we meet for coffee, you’ll discover that my passion is helping people who are in business for themselves achieve greater success and lead happier lives.

I’ve been doing that for more than 30 years – firstly mainly in the UK and now in
magnificent Malaga.

My passion led me to set up the Malaga Business Minds networking Coffee at table 5 3
group, which now has attracted over 2,500 business owners and entrepreneurs.

However, I also wanted a more personal way to connect with people who are
in business for themselves (or want to be) so I set a target of having coffee
with at least 100 entrepreneurs to support their businesses during 2014.

I passed that milestone a long time ago but I continue doing it because of the great
people I meet and seeing the results they get out of it. For example, in brief coffee
meetings, I’ve helped people:

  • Identify a specific action they needed to take to get moving
  • Focus on the key issue that was holding them back
  • Make a decision that they’ve been struggling with for years

Here’s what some have said about our coffee meetings:

” I found the experience of coffee with Nami very useful. He listened carefully to my situation and the confusion I was feeling about which direction to go in. I decided to book 12 sessions of personal coaching as I felt confident that he could help move me forwards in the right direction having explained his background in business. From the meeting, I’ve now gained a fantastic mentor who I meet weekly.
The coffee with Nami is great value as he can help in many ways with moving your business forwards. I would definitely recommend anyone attend this session and also take up the coaching sessions.”
Lisa Guerra-Watson, Marbella, Spain.

” I messaged Nami asking him for some advice for my start up as I was confused and seem to be going in circles. He spent over 2 hours on going through everything with me, even my website and gave me a brilliant insight and my next step to move forward. He shared valuable resources without hesitation. He was constantly giving and add value to me through that meeting. I would highly recommend Nami without a doubt to any one seeking business advice or coaching. The guy is simply amazing!
Thanks Nami.”
Robert Henry, London, UK.

” In spite of being a highly sought after business coach, Nami gave me his time even though he had never met me just because he thought he could help. I can’t think of many professionals at his level who are motivated, more than anything else, by the desire to see others succeed. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.”
Tony Koutsoumbos, Public Speaker and debate trainer, London, UK.

” Thank you Nami for the best coffee date of the year! I walked away from our chat with at least 15 new ideas and action steps which I can’t WAIT to implement! Thank you!”
Kristel, Málaga, Spain.

” Just a very quick email to say thanks for the meeting yesterday – again it has given us a lot to think about to move our business forward.”
Alsion & Andrew, Málaga, Spain.

” It was really good to chat with you the other day, it’s given me a lot of food for thought. Thank you so much for your time and all your great input I really found it helpful. I have had a rethink about my direction and as you suggested… help me focus and gives a clearer message to potential clients about what I do.”
Joy, Marbella, Spain.

” I have been thinking about our discussion and how clearly you could see a path ahead. I guess that is why you are in the position that you are in, the clarity of mind and the mentorship that you offer professionally is very valuable indeed.”
Bidar, Australia.

Our time together is your chance to discuss any challenges you’re facing and I’ll help in any way I can.

It’s often surprising what you can achieve in a short time when someone asks the right questions, listens to your answers and shares their experience.

Naturally, we can discuss more ways I can help you, whether that’s simply by keeping in touch or by working together in some way. You can decide what works best for you.

Either way, you’ll still be in business for yourself but no longer by yourself.

To confirm the meeting, please give me some details below to tell me a little about you and what you would like to achieve. I’ll then contact you to firm up the time and venue.

Talk soon!


P.S. If you’re not lucky enough to be near Malaga, we can chat by phone or Skype.
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