My name is Nami Haghighi and my passion is helping small businesses and their owners become more successful.

I started my first business over 30 years ago and have been a coach and consultant
to owners of small businesses for most of that time, helping committed individuals IMG_5688 5 339
achieve the results they want.

Knowledge and Passion

What I’ve found in that time is that most owners of small businesses are very
knowledgeable and passionate about their product or service, but very few manage
to translate that expertise and dedication into desired levels of profit.

It was while working as an accountant and tax adviser at the beginning of my career
with Coopers & Lybrand that I realised that there was a limit to the help that
most professional advisers can provide for owners of small businesses.
Those advisers were usually unable to see the full picture of the business and the
full range of challenges that owners face. Truth is the high cost of one-to-one
engagement often put them out of the reach of most small business owners anyway.

Business Challenges

So I started to learn more about the issues that my clients were facing and made it my priority to find the best way of dealing with the range of challenges involved in running a small business successfully.

I discovered it depends on acquiring a minimum level of knowledge and experience in many disciplines – such as marketing, sales, finance, communication and people management – as well as balancing your efforts, staying focused and maintaining motivation and momentum.

Succeeding with all of this is a big ask from someone who may already be feeling alone and overwhelmed but feels forced to do it all themselves.

Making Choices

I see too many business owners who are disillusioned and disappointed, wondering if they made a big mistake. Others do end up quitting, often at great financial cost and some even end up suffering problems that affect their health and family life.

However it seemed to me that being in business for yourself didn’t have to mean being by yourself.

That’s what motivates me to want to become Your Business Buddy.

Someone who:

  • Believes in your vision,
  • Understands what you want to achieve,
  • Drives you forward to make things happen,
  • Dedicates themselves to ensuring you achieve the results you want, and who offers
  • Years of experience as a successful business owner, mentor, coach and consultant.

Clarity and Action

What has made the biggest difference for my clients over the years has proved to be the process of creating the clarity and focus needed, empowering them into consistent action and providing ongoing support, encouragement and feedback.

I see my clients’ success as if it was my success so I always work very closely with them on the subtle changes needed to get their business on the right track.

If you feel that having a Business Buddy could help you achieve new levels of success, please contact me today and let’s talk.

Your Business Buddy,


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